Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An introduction of sorts

Well, to my theoretical readers, a small introduction: this blog was mostly conceived as a travel blog, I guess, a place where I would write about stories, places, events and thoughts that occurred during my travels. To start, most of the travel writing will be either translations and expansions of my Hebrew thoughts & impressions notebook, or expansions of the emails I sent my family and friends during the trips. I will probably not restrict myself to writing about traveling, though, and may impose upon you (theoretical beings that you are) posts about music, books, philosophy, random thoughts, or anything else. I will probably not write any sentimental/moody stuff… not really my style.

In my notebook, I kept a small list I called “god is in the little details”, where I wrote small stuff that was interesting, amusing, different, or just noteworthy. Once in a while I’ll add in one of those, probably with an explanation (in my notebook they’re all one-liners). Also, I might note if a post is an ex-email or a notebook entry, just for the hell of it.

In my own very humble opinion, my writing tends to be long-winded, over-parenthesised, often convoluted and way too self-conscious and hermeneutic. I regularly write sentences that are too long and too complex (not the ideas, but the structure), and use words that nobody should use (I guess it makes me feel smart). I also like to self-mock and –criticize (to keep my own intellectual hubris in check, probably). Shit, this sounds pompous as hell. Oh, well… consider yourself warned. I think this paragraph gives a good example of what reading my stuff will be like.

All this, again, is assuming anybody ever reads this. But hey, fuck it, let’s just do this shit. I’m mostly writing for myself anyway. If anybody reads it, cool.


  1. Ha. I could've sworn I had already put up that Buenos Aires post which is on top now. Had it all written up and ready, but apparently I never pressed the 'post' button.
    I should say I was very surprised to see a comment, I definitely didn't expect any at the moment. I should set it up so that it tells me when (if?) somebody comments...

  2. I see 6 Flags is filing for bankruptcy--is business down all through the world of rollercoasters? I spent a day once at 6 Flags just north of LA with a trade-paper journalist and we were comped and jumped to the head of the line of every 'coaster. What a frippin nightmare.

  3. As far as I know, it is all through the business. I never really dealt with money. It was 'camera broken, fix camera' for me. I liked it, because the job had the right amount of thought, mixed in with a lot of nuts, bolts and drilling. 6 Flags filing for bankruptcy is something I'd heard rumours about for a few months.
    Why was it a nightmare? I'm a small fan of coasters, but a fan nonetheless. I never do lines, though. I just waited for a slow day and did all the 2.5-hour line rides 4 times in half an hour. Fun.

  4. Too damn scary for this old guy. My gf was on a job and it was 'fun' but, all in all, I'd rather have been in Philadelphia.