Saturday, August 1, 2009

God is in the small details, #2

- In the Torres Del Paine trek, there was a man traveling with his son... and three porters (for those who don't know, porters are locals you pay to carry your bags, cook, etc. on trips and treks and such). Their quality of life wouldn't shame mine at home: pancakes, eggs, french toast and fruit shakes for breakfast, steaks and bourbon for dinner. Camping, rich style.
- In Calafate I chose to sleep in a small half-attic over the kitchen in the hostel, to save 5 pesos. Big mistake: a group of backpackers sat there till 3am playing a really dumb card game. The only rule I caught, since it was especially annoying: every time somebody puts a prince down, everybody has to yell "hello, prince".
- In Los Antiguos, walking down the street, we saw a leashed sheep in a house's yard. I wonder if it's a guard sheep?

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