Thursday, November 5, 2009

God is in the small details, #3

- The "game" the 3 gypsy guys were playing in Los Antiguos- you say the name of someone who's famous, then start guessing what country he's from. Hours of fun for the whole family! (Plus, you can't beat drinking boxed wine with Soda water...)
- Having a facial expressions and pantomime "conversation" with an old beggar in Coyhaique. Him making fun of Uri who was reading the guide book (making an eyeglasses motion several times, and mock-reading his hands), me complaining about how heavy the Chilean coins are (seriously, why so heavy? What's the point?), and other random stuff. 4-5 minutes, 0 words.
- The explanation for why the city is called San Carlos de Bariloche in some random tourist brochure in the hostel: San Carlos to commemorate some Carlos dude who did something, and 'Bariloche'. Well, thanks, guys, that helps a lot... I did find out eventually that, like most names in that area, the origin of the name is native- more specifically, mapuche.

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