Saturday, February 25, 2012

God is in the small details, #4

Wow, haven't done one of these in a while. So this one will be an extended one.

- Ivana's Tshirt in a hostel in Bariloche, with "es lo que hay" (that's all there is, a common expression in Argentina) printed on the chest.
- Getting into a very deep conversation with three Cordobesas, about all the men that have cheated on them. I had heard that Argentinean men are known for being unfaithful, but man, was that a tough conversation to have ended up in.

- An x-ray machine on the border crossing into Chile, to look for... fruits and vegetables. Also, the guy who told me he got a 100$ fine for having an apple in his bag.
- A gas delivery truck with ice-cream van music in Valparaiso.
- Chip, the guy from the US who paid for a bed but always slept in the common area of the hostel in Valpo.
- A man walking his pet goose in Mendoza, leash and all (somebody must have photos of it somewhere...).
- 7 items for 10 pesos on the bus in San Juan, plus random people getting on at every stop to sell you stuff [man, was I naive then. Compared to Guatemala, this was really nothing...]
- A disagreement on accents: a guy from San Juan telling me that people from Buenos Aires speak more like Italians, kind of like singing (cantadito), and a day later a porteña (i.e. woman from Bs.As.) telling me that the accent in San Juan is much more cantadito than the Buenos Aires one.
- Argentinean attempts at English: "Eat it like want" (all you can eat, I guess), "Welcome to house" (welcome home), etc etc etc.

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